Our Red Lawrence Designed 18 hole course has five sets of tees playing from 4809 to 6628 yards. Fairways are tree lined, making snowbirds and retirees from the East, Midwest and Pacific Northwest feel at home. The course is deceptively challenging. Come prepared to use every club in your bag.

We overseed the course every fall for best year-round play on both winter rye and summer bermuda. By making an investment in top quality seed and engaging in conservative turf management practices we are working to provide the best course possible today and for years to come. Unlike most courses in the Southwest we have water rights, allowing us to pump from the Santa Cruz Aquifer instead buying from a water company.

Courtesy of Stewart Richter


​You will play at a comfortable pace. Expect four hours or less even in high season. A quick phone call puts you on the list for our morning or afternoon shotgun starts. Every member gets a great tee time and regular contact with our members before and after the round.

The Club boasts the best practice facilities in Green Valley, including a driving range, chipping and pitching areas, a sand trap and two putting greens. Our PGA professionals are available for lessons year round. Facilities also include a Pro Shop and on-site covered golf cart storage.

Golfing members, their families and guests enjoy unlimited access to the course throughout the year and are eligible to participate in weekly Men’s Day and Women’s Day competitions and invited to many other groups both formal and informal. In addition there are more than 40 special tournaments and couples’ mixers throughout the year.

Par 4

The corner of this dogleg left is well protected by mature trees. Unless you can either produce a powerful high draw around them, or great precision to get through them, your best drive is straight down the fairway leaving a wedge or short iron into a generous green.

A tee shot which goes too long and right of center can be a problem here. There’s a right-side fairway bunker not seen on the diagram but it’s shallow and friendly. The big risk, depending on the season, is a beautiful long straight drive missing the bunker and rolling about forever into a wall from which there is no free relief.

The large green slopes back to front and is guarded by two green side bunkers. Behind the green it slopes away and to out of bounds onto Paseo de Golf.

You will exit on the front left of the green, turn left on the street, and jog a bit to the right to arrive at the par 3 Hole 2 tee box.


Black 347

Green 333

Bronze 319

Silver 309

Gold 262

Men’s Difficulty 13th

​Women’s Difficulty 9th

Par 3

This is a straightforward three with no surprises. The green slopes from back to front and can provide some challenges in reading your putt.

You exit on the left, cross Paseo De Golf, and follow the path to #3.


Black 185

Green 155

Bronze 145

Silver 138

Gold 131

Men’s Difficulty 17th

​​Women’s Difficulty 15th

Par 4 (Par 5 from Silver Tee)

From every tee #3 offers an enjoyable challenge. Though you don’t see, it water on the left is in play if you pull or hook a nice one from the tee. There’s OB lurking on the right and some trees to add interest.

Though the front of the green has a good back-to-front slope it flattens out toward the rear. Many fine second shots have failed to hold.


Black 450

Green 430

Bronze 367

Silver 412

Gold 363

Men’s Difficulty 1st

​​Women’s Difficulty 3rd

Par 5

This dogleg left can offer challenges with your tee shot. Your eyes don’t deceive you. A long and strong straight shot down the middle can easily run out of fairway on the right either on a slope or in the trees. The right OB is not kind to a big fade or slice. A right-handed player with a draw may find this tee shot to his or her liking. Getting through the trees on the right corner is possible but, unless you have lived a blameless life, don’t count on it.

Once the tee shot is sorted the rest of #4 just asks for decent directional control, or the trees both left and right may present challenges. The large green with bunkers both left and right rewards an approach shot with control of both distance and direction. The green holds no unusual surprises and slopes somewhat from back to front.


Black 523

Green 509

Bronze 481

Silver 414

Gold 408

Men’s Difficulty 7th

​​Women’s Difficulty 1st

Par 4

OB lurks on the right here, For most pin positions left fairway is preferred.

When you reach the green listen carefully to the echoing comments of golfers through the years fooled by #5 green. Every once in a while the line is not only apparent but turns out to be correct. Perhaps you will be one of the skilled or fortunate ones.

The small building to the right of the forward tee box is a comfort station.


Black 385

Green 375

Bronze 354

Silver 297

Gold 290

Men’s Difficulty 5th

​​Women’s Difficulty 13th

Par 4

Par here is a bigger victory than it seems from the tee box. Trees on both the right and left have been known to move in the blink of an eye to complicate the second shot. If you are straight and about average long from the appropriate tee you can find yourself in a little waterway running across the fairway. The grass is well mowed but you might not appreciate the stance.

The green? This note may be read by children so just enjoy the ride and come to your own conclusion. Long putts have been holed on #6 but let’s not even think about percentages.


Black 408

Green 381

Bronze 360

Silver 309

Gold 300

Men’s Difficulty 3rd

​​Women’s Difficulty 5th

Par 4

The same waterway found on #6 angles diagonally left to right here. Your best shot off the tee will stay on the left side of the fairway. Hard pulls from the back three tees have been known to have tree trouble short, but that won’t happen to you. A long fade can produce tree trouble but there’s often a decent second shot opportunity.

The green on #7 is pretty straightforward but you do not want to fly it. A steep slope leads OB into the street.

Leaving the green you will turn right on Paseo De Golf, cross Abrego, and turn right toward #8 tee.


Black 375

Green 352

Bronze 340

Silver 278

Gold 273

Men’s Difficulty 11th

​​Women’s Difficulty 11th

Par 3

How about a hole in one? The green slopes front to back and left to right. What more could the humble yet deserving golfer want?

On your way to the next tee, swing back over to the right and climb the incline to Black, Green and Bronze. For Silver and Gold tee boxes, bear left and enjoy seeing how much closer to the green you will be.


Black 190

Green 172

Bronze 160

Silver 131

Gold 127

Men’s Difficulty 15th

​​Women’s Difficulty 17th

Par 5 (Par 4 from Silver Tee)

Water is very much in play from the back three tees. Many wise golfers will lay up short of the water. If you decide to go for it, note carefully that the required carry on the right is about 55 yards longer than on the left. The large tree on the right is skilled at knocking down otherwise excellent drives while letting potential water balls go through. Save the power fade for another hole.

On your shot to the green you may want to calculate a bit more elevation than your eyes suggest.

The green’s front-to-back slope flattens at the back of the green but there’s little trouble to be found going long.


Black 491

Green 476

Bronze 472

Silver 320

Gold 294

Men’s Difficulty 9th

​​Women’s Difficulty 7th

Par 4

For many people both fairway bunkers are in play but a nice wide fairway helps avoid them. A small error to the right off the tee does not usually create problems but going left can result in annoying tree trouble. Since you will be using one of your longer Par 4 clubs on the second shot, finding the fairway is especially nice.

The green has gentle slopes front-to-back and left-to-right.


Black 430

Green 404

Bronze 380

Silver 360

Gold 294

Men’s Difficulty 4th

​​Women’s Difficulty 4th

Par 3

This straightforward and friendly par three is a good break between the challenges of Ten and Twelve. The bunkers are only moderately challenging, With a nice front-to-back slope the green is usually receptive.

As on #7 you don’t want to be long here. Unless the rough is high, your ball can roll down the slope, across Paseo Churea and into a front yard. Neighborhood dogs enjoy finding lost balls but the supply is generous enough without your contribution.


Black 195

Green 161

Bronze 148

Silver 112

Gold 106

Men’s Difficulty 18th

​​Women’s Difficulty 18th

Par 4

Twelve can be a highly entertaining hole. Water on the right is in play for hitters long and short and the rough does funnel balls to water. A nice long drive center left can roll into trouble and even out-of-bounds. Your second shot has full potential for water right, horrid lies long left and bilateral beach.

The gently sloped green will often not strongly encourage the ball to stop where you want it. Short isn’t a bad option.


Black 422

Green 407

Bronze 378

Silver 302

Gold 295

Men’s Difficulty 6th

​​Women’s Difficulty 14th

Par 5

There’s water on the right and OB on the left but still lots of room for error off the tee. If you plan to be on the green in two your best drive will be left. For the rest of us, any short grass is just fine.

Most pin positions are best reached from the left, but if you end up on the right don’t be too intimidated by the yawning mouth of the bunker. Even with a front right pin there’s plenty of room to get the ball stopped before it goes into the innocent little bit of sand sitting there behind the green.


Black 562

Green 515

Bronze 483

Silver 445

Gold 372

Men’s Difficulty 2nd

​​Women’s Difficulty 2nd

Par 4

Welcome to a nice, short, scenic hole. Do, however, stay awake.

Water is in play for those with long straight drives so you may want to tee off with a fairway club. There’s no OB right but a strong whoops slice can led to an unfortunate adventure with tall grass, side hill lies and trees. If you pull off a bad miss left don’t kick yourself until you find the ball. Many left misses have led to short wedges and birds.

On most second shots the bad (bad, really bad) miss to avoid (like the Medieval plague) is a hard pull left. The invisible water on the right is waiting for your ball and the cart path works like the slide into an automatic ball washer.


Black 342

Green 328

Bronze 305

Silver 296

Gold 289

Men’s Difficulty 12th

​​Women’s Difficulty 6th

Par 4

If you have chosen your tee wisely a good drive carries well over the right bunker with a gentle fade leading it through the rough and back into short grass for a short iron or wedge to the green. Going long left leads to a walk in the woods. If you end up way left into the large garden area or right of the trap in a smaller one you do get a free drop by local rules. Don’t you love local rules?

Leaving the green you cross Paseo De Curso and go straight to #16.


Black 345

Green 330

Bronze 296

Silver 282

Gold 260

Men’s Difficulty 10th

​​Women’s Difficulty 12th

Par 4

There are few spots of challenge on this relatively benign hole. Giving it some extra effort to drive the green or at least get close can produce a fine slice over the right fairway trap and into the water. You won’t let that happen but others have and more will.


Black 316

Green 301

Bronze 293

Silver 270

Gold 242

Men’s Difficulty 14th

​​Women’s Difficulty 8th

Par 3

If you may be short off the tee, be short left. The right fairway slopes down to water as does the right rough near the green.


Black 181

Green 159

Bronze 146

Silver 126

Gold 122

Men’s Difficulty 16th

​​Women’s Difficulty 16th

Par 5

Unless you can move the ball like Bubba Watson you want to hit your shot to the green from the left. The conventional route is down the middle between the fairway bunkers, a fairway club to the left and a wedge or short iron to the green. Your trip may vary. Many golfers have found that one really good second or third shot on #18 leads to par or bird so relax and have fun.

You only see about the front half of the green from the fairway. There’s a nice slope at the back leading your ball gently back towards the clubhouse.


Black 481

Green 475

Bronze 471

Silver 430

Gold 381

Men’s Difficulty 8th

​​Women’s Difficulty 10th

 Eddie Bittle, General Manager

Peter St.Laurent, PGA Professional

Marvol Barnard, PGA/LPGA Professional

Club Champions

Becky-Smith Powell, 18 Hole Ladies’ Champion

Chris Pannunzio, Men’s Champion

Mary Sazama, 9 Hole Ladies’ Champion

Jonah Carlson, 2023 Scholarship Recipient, along with his coach, Skeeter Fanning

Madi Martinez, 2023 Scholarship Recipient, along with her coach, Scott Jessee

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